When do these terms and conditions apply?
When your company and authorised person automatically commence collecting points from purchases made through GPI Automotive Products Pty Ltd and GPI Sports & Fitness Pty Ltd.

How does PowerPoints work?
With the PowerPoints Rewards Program (PPRP), you earn points once an order with GPI Automotive Products Pty Ltd or GPI Sports & Fitness Pty Ltd has been invoiced.  You may then convert the points to rewards that Powerpoints may offer from time to time and for which you qualify.

How do you earn points?
Points are calculated on the total dollar amount shown on each GPI Automotive  Products Pty Ltd and GPI Sports & Fitness Pty Ltd invoice (excluding any freight and GST payable in respect of the goods purchased).

Points are earned on the basis of 1 point for every $1.00 you spend with GPI Automotive Products Pty Ltd and GPI Sports & Fitness Pty Ltd.  You may also receive additional bonus points in connection with special promotions and products offered from time to time.

We reserve the right to change the way you earn points from time to time, by introducing new ways or change existing ways of earning points.

While points are earned when you purchase goods and services, please note that points are not earned in respect of the following amounts that may be charged:

Also, if you return any goods purchased or your account is credited in connection with a disputed transaction, we will adjust your points total by deducting any points which were earned in connection with the original or disputed transaction.

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel the allocation of Powerpoints to a customer due to the non payment of an account.

We reserve the right to require payment of any overdue and outstanding invoices prior to the delivery of a reward.

How long do you have to use your points?
Your points will expire after a 36 month period with the oldest points being deducted first (points earned in the first month will expire in the 37th month).  In some circumstances set out in these terms and conditions, you may not be entitled to points or be able to claim rewards (and we may correct your points record by deleting any points invalidly earned)

If your account with GPI is closed, all your points will be forfeited.

We may discontinue the PPRP at any time at our discretion.  Should we discontinue the program, we will notify you in writing and will advise you of the period during which you may use your points to claim rewards.  After the Program is discontinued, you will no longer be able to earn points and any existing points held after that time will not be able to redeem prizes.

What are the rewards?
The rewards available at any time are set out on the PPRP web site www.powerpoints.net.au and in the PPRP brochure. 
All rewards are subject to the specific conditions on which the supplier of the reward makes the reward available. 
The rewards specified in the PPRP brochure and the PPRP website may change from time to time, or be different from that displayed due to a change in model or unavailability.  GPI reserves the right to substitute a reward from that displayed in the PPRP brochure or the PPRP website and may alter the point value of any product from time to time.

How do you claim a reward?
Only the registered person may redeem a reward.  You may redeem a reward if you have sufficient points on your points balance at the time of your redemption.  The number of points required for each reward is available through the PPRP web site and brochure.  You can only select rewards current at the time you redeem a reward.  You must have earned at least 2,000 points before you can redeem a reward.

Points can be used to redeem rewards after 14 days of allocation

If there is any inconsistency between the information contained in the PPRP brochure and the PPRP website, the information contained on the website prevails.

Your points cannot be combined with points earned in another division of your company.

You can redeem a reward via the website or by completing the redemption form posted on the PPRP web site and faxing it directly to (03) 9562 0789 or by calling 1300 2REDEEM (1300 273 333).

In the case of rewards to be delivered to you, you should allow 28 days from the time you make your request.  All rewards will be delivered to the nominated business address set out in your registration form.
Where there is a delay from our supplier in delivery you will be notified and provided with the option to change your reward.

Rewards include:

Unless required by law, neither we nor our agents are liable for the availability, quality or fitness for purpose of any rewards or goods or services redeemed using your points.  Therefore, if you have any issues in relation to warranty or general complaints about rewards or goods or services you need to contact the manufacturer (such as Panasonic, Apple, Breville …) directly.

Neither we nor our suppliers or agents are responsible if you cannot redeem a reward for reasons beyond our or any of our agents’ control (including industrial disputes, insolvency, flood, war or civil disturbance acts of terrorism, acts of God, or the failure of a bonus partner or redemption partner to honour its obligations under PPRP for any reason).  However, in these circumstances, where your points have not been converted, you may claim an alternative reward.

How do you keep track of your points?
Points will be shown on each GPI invoice and company statements.  New points will be added as purchases and invoices are raised.  Your total number of Powerpoints available for redemption can be checked on the website www.powerpoints.net.au
If you have any questions in relation to your Powerpoints statement, you must contact Powerpoints within 30 days of receiving said statement.  If you think you are entitled to more points than the Powerpoints statement shows, we will investigate all queries and make the final decision if there is any dispute.

We may adjust your total points (backdating the adjustment if necessary) if points have been incorrectly credited or debited for any reason.

How do we communicate with each other?
Communications in connection with Powerpoints are emailed to the address nominated at time of registration.  Any address changes must be notified in writing.  We are not responsible if you do not receive a communication for any reason – including if the item is lost in the post or you have not notified a change of address.

You can contact PowerPoints Rewards by calling 1300 2REDEEM or by writing to Powerpoints Rewards, PO Box 78, Mulgrave  3170.

When we will not award Powerpoints or fulfil reward redemptions
You do not receive PowerPoints and may not redeem a reward, if your account is in arrears.

You are not entitled to points (and we may correct your points record by deleting points invalidly awarded) if:

Powerpoints do not have monetary value
Powerpoints are not property and do not have any monetary value except in respect of the value assigned to them by the PPRP and rewards may not be transferred, sold, bequeathed or inherited.

Powerpoints can only be redeemed for rewards and are not convertible into cash.  Powerpoints are just used to record your entitlement to redeem a reward.

What happens to information we collect about you?
You authorise GPI to collect and use information about you in connection with Powerpoints including:

We agree not to use or disclose that information except in connection with:

You consent to us disclosing your information to any party to facilitate the above.

Under current taxation laws, if the recipient of a reward is an employee or associate of the Member, Fringe Benefit Tax may apply to the Member. Conditions apply, so contact your taxation consultant.

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